Friday, November 23, 2007

Pittsburgh Today Live

Pittsburgh - The Book Tour II has finished, and I'm home in Pittsburgh for a couple of days before returning to Jerusalem. I have a little bit of a turkey or maybe book tour hangover, but I was still able to get out of bed this morning for an interview on Pittsburgh Today Live.

To watch the interview, click on this link. Here, on the right, is a picture of me speaking with the nice hostess of the show, Kristine Sorensen. I think I was explaining to her how I make some of my favorite shadow puppets or I could have been telling her about my last bad haircut.

The best part about the interview was when Kristine asked me to explain to the hometown crowd about the Heinz Ketchup Eaters. If you haven't read Live from Jordan, the Heinz Ketchup eaters are the elites of the developing world who cruise around town in their Lexus Jeeps, wearing designer jeans and eating burgers covered in Heinz Ketchup. I'm now waiting by the phone for either John Kerry's wife (Theresa Heinz) or the CEO of Heinz to call.


jwander said...

Nice interview!

Ali said...

are you still in jerusalem? If so, I'm heading over to your neck of the woods next week.

Drop me an email let me know.


Anonymous said...

Does the mention of Heinz ketchup qualify this as a food segment in Pittsburgh? I smiled a bit when I saw it tagged as such by KDKA.

Good interview! I bet your family was proud (if I did this, it would warrant a rare bout of bragging by my mother to her friends, and perhaps a certain relative who sends a 4 page Christmas "update" every year.)